Spelter Socketing

WIRELOCK® is the original cold socketing compound for use with wire ropes. With a track record spanning over 50 years it is quite simply the best socketing solution for safety, dependability and unparalleled fatigue performance.

Full technical details can be found in the latest WIRELOCK® Technical data manual, click here for details.

WIRELOCK® has an official training aid film to be used in conjunction with the Technical data manual, click here for more information.

10 key product features

1. WIRELOCK® has a trusted proven track record spanning over 50 years.

WIRELOCK® is the original easy to use cold socketing compound produced in the UK by its founders Millfield Enterprises (Manufacturing) Ltd and has a traceable track record, starting with its use in UK coal mines from 1963.

2. WIRELOCK® has required no reformulation since it’s conception 1963.

Used across five different industrial sectors WIRELOCK’s safety and dependability have remained constant.

3. WIRELOCK® is quality assured.

Manufactured under ISO9001 2015 accreditation the quality of WIRELOCK® never varies. WIRELOCK® meets the requirements of ISO 17558 and DNV-OS-E304 and has Type Approval from ABS, DNV and LLOYDS.

4. WIRELOCK® is packaged to ensure a quality product every pour.

WIRELOCK® is packaged securely in easy to use recyclable tin kits. Styrene, which is a major component of any polyester resin system, is one of the world’s ‘great escape’ artists and we found that only two things contain it – glass and tin cans. Glass is subject to breakage so we use tin cans to ensure the product life is kept as long as possible.

Over the past 15 years we have explored the option of plastic/metal laminated pouches but none of them are impervious to Styrene, (on opening any container holding a polyester resin kit packaged in pouches the smell of Styrene is evident). It is very important to ensure the Styrene does not escape as this causes the resin to thicken and age. The result is that WIRELOCK® is packed in tins with a shelf life of 18 months when stored correctly in a cool, dry place.

WIRELOCK’s tin packaging is 100 percent recyclable. Even tins containing any unwanted cured product can be recycled by tapping out the inert residue in the can. The tin can then be recycled and the remaining inert product disposed of correctly.

The tin packaging also offers versatility onsite. Kits up to 500cc can be mixed in the original packaging and should a pouring lip be required this can be simply created using pliers – see training aid film at www.wirelock.com. For larger kit sizes we recommend the use of clean, reusable, vessels made of metal, polythene or polypropylene. WIRELOCK® does not supply plastic buckets or plastic-coated funnels in recognition of the increasing global impact of plastic waste on the environment.

5. WIRELOCK® offers a range of kit sizes varying in viscosity to ensure the best results for projects large and small:

  • The 100cc and 250cc kits are of a lower viscosity than the bigger kits as they are intended for use with small sockets and ‘hairy’ ropes.
  • 500cc up to 8,000cc are all the same viscosity.
  • Kits above 8000cc are termed High Volume WIRELOCK® (supplied automatically). High Volume kits are more viscous and are formulated to withstand the high temperatures reached during the curing of these big kits, greatly reducing any risk of heat stress cracking within the cone.

6. WIRELOCK® is easy to mix.

Each kit comes with just two components. Simply add all the resin to all the granular compound provided and mix vigorously for two (2) minutes. A clear colour change to green/blue indicates it is ready to pour. NB. The liquid should always be poured onto the granular compound to minimise any air-borne powder/dusting. Please note any dusting is not toxic. The peroxide used in WIRELOCK® is the same chemical used to bleach flour to make white bread and used in acne and haemorrhoid creams. Dust/ powder inhalation of any kind in any environment should always be avoided and, therefore, WIRELOCK® users must wear a dust mask/ fume filter during the mixing process of the WIRELOCK® socketing system.

7. WIRELOCK® gives fast reliable results.

The wire rope can be put into service one (1) hour after the material in the socket has gelled and a successful scratch test has been completed. Whenever possible the assembly should be proof loaded.

8. WIRELOCK® offers unrivalled technical experience.

At WIRELOCK® we know resins and curing systems but, in addition, we know ropes and all aspects of rope terminations so our Technical Service is unrivalled and it comes as a part of WIRELOCK’s customer service. Full Technical data manual and training aid film available by clicking here or email us info@wirelock.com

9. WIRELOCK® has developed a number of WIRELOCK® variants to meet customer requirements.

These are:

  • WIRELOCK® SLING specifically designed for terminating Flemish Eye slings in a metal sleeve.
  • PARALOCK® is for fibre rope terminations.
  • Umbilical Terminations – We work with a number of offshore operators of R.O.V.’s and diving bells, helping them to develop their own umbilical terminations with both wire and fibre strain members. The kits for these terminations can be customised from a viscosity and gel time perspective to suit the application.

10. WIRELOCK® quite simply offers the best socketing solution for safety, dependability and unparalled fatigue performance.

This is across five industrial sectors – namely bridges, structures, mining, offshore and general engineering.