The offshore industry is our largest marketplace and WIRELOCK® is a key product in the offshore sector.

WIRELOCK® is the standard socketing product for the mooring lines on semi-submersible rigs, umbilicals on remotely operated vehicles, floating cranes, single buoy mooring systems and towing tethers.

Many rigs are semi-submersibles which rely on anchor systems to maintain position. WIRELOCK® will be used in these sockets. There have been a small number of rigs that sit directly on the ocean floor, kept upright with a large catenary of anchors. These rigs will drill 24/7 as they are impervious to weather conditions.

Two examples of major projects which WIRELOCK® have worked with are The Exxon Lena Tower and the Placid Tower. These two projects used spiral strand of 120mm diameter. The sockets weighed two tons and they required 22 litre WIRELOCK® kits to fill them.

For offshore projects we have provided kits of 47 litres. In the area of non standard sockets, single buoy mooring systems and umbilical terminations we offer design advice and technical support and help as part of our service to our customers.